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What is a Home Sleep Test?

A home sleep test is a portable device that tracks your breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing effort, and other parameters during sleeping hours.

It is an easy, cost-effective way to determine if you have trouble breathing during sleep, as well as the quality and amount of sleep you’re getting. As the name suggests, it is used in the comfort of your own bed and is typically done in a single night.

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I Have a Fitness Tracker - Why do I Need a Home Sleep Test?

There are a variety of different home sleep test devices on the market, with new ones being introduced constantly. Watches and wristbands offer to monitor your vital signs and give you a detailed analysis of your sleeping patterns.

Home sleep tests are very affordable and provide valuable information that will help you and your doctor determine if you have any sleep or breathing disorders. So, how are they different from the latest fitness tracker?

While home fitness trackers and wrist testing systems do have some value, they do not measure certain conditions that we look for to achieve an accurate diagnosis of potential sleep disorders. Depending on the tracker, you can learn how many hours you slept, and the “quality” of your sleep, but they lack the ability to put that data together and come up with an effective diagnosis.

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How is a Breathe Correct Home Sleep Test Different?

Fitness trackers are great at compiling data and showing it off in colorful ways. However, they leave the user with a question: “What do I do with this data?”

That’s where our sleep specialists excel. With a home sleep test from Breathe Correct, our sleep experts can analyze the oxygen levels in your blood, your movements, body position, chest motion, snoring, and other key pieces of information that fitness tracking devices just can’t match.

Using this detailed data, our sleep experts can determine if sleep apnea or some other malady is leading to your poor sleep quality. They can then prescribe a variety of treatments to fix the core problems that are leading to poor sleep quality.

At Breathe Correct, we have a few different home sleep tests available, including the ability to test children from three years of age and up. The data we get from these home sleep tests is extremely important when determining potential treatment options for your care, whether you are trying to solve a sleep issue, a dental issue, or both.

The Home Sleep Test Process

The first step in the process is to set up a complimentary consultation with our doctors. During this consultation, they will review your health history, discuss your current condition, and determine if a home sleep test is required. If so, our staff will provide you with instructions on how to properly administer the test. In most cases, you can leave with the HST that day and use it that night.

Once the test is complete, you will return to the office to meet with our doctor and go over the results. After a Home Sleep Test Denver and Colorado springs patients meet with our Doctor, who will help you understand the data collected from your Home Sleep Test; what it means to you and how you can benefit from this knowledge, as well as discuss treatment options.

Home Sleep Tests Before Dental Work

At Breathe Correct, a home sleep test is recommended for many of our patients who are considering corrective dental work; even if they feel like they don’t currently have issues sleeping. There are two reasons for this:

1. It helps detect undiagnosed sleep disorders

It can be very difficult to tell if you have a sleep disorder. Many people blame themselves for these disorders or say they “just aren’t getting enough sleep,” when in fact it is the poor quality of the sleep they do get that is to blame. A home sleep test can root out these issues before corrective work is done so that they can be addressed.

2. If it’s not broken, we don’t want to fix it

Proper protection of your airway is what separates Breathe Correct from other dental offices. We analyze your airway as part of the dental process because dental correction can have a major impact on how you breathe — particularly when you sleep. A home sleep test will help make sure the corrective measures we take to fix your teeth don’t lead to sleepless nights.

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Get Real Results with a Home Sleep Test from Breathe Correct

A healthy night’s sleep is a vital component of your mental and physical well being. Adding a home sleep test to your diagnosis will give the Breathe Correct team vital information they can use to make sure you get the rest you need.

Don’t lose sleep over losing sleep. Let Breathe Correct help you find a better way to breathe (and sleep) easily. Call us today, or fill out a Contact Us form, and we will contact you to schedule your complimentary Denver Home Sleep Test consultation.

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