Is Your Child’s Snoring Normal?

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In growing and developing children, the quality of sleep is of the utmost importance for them to achieve their full potential.

What is often confused in today’s society is the difference between “normal” and “healthy.” It is important to understand that just because something is common, or considered normal, that does not necessarily mean it is healthy.

Snoring in children and adults has become so common in today’s population that many people consider it to be normal, but it is important to understand that although snoring is common, it is definitely not healthy. Snoring is the result of air turbulence during breathing which causes the tissues of a person’s airway to vibrate during sleep.

This air turbulence is most often caused by a restriction or obstruction of a person’s airway which the body recognizes as stress.

If the purpose of sleep is to rest, then any stress during that time would be a negative factor and that is exactly the case with snoring in children.

Sleep is important to everyone; however, in growing and developing children the quality of sleep is of the utmost importance for them to achieve their full potential.

Children’s bodies are also extra sensitive to any disruption in sleep, so the airway resistance and turbulence which causes snoring is more easily recognized as a form of stress. Therefore, a snoring child is not fully relaxed during sleep and will not get the rest they need.

When a child does not get proper rest, and their body is not fully relaxed during sleep, then they are more likely to have increased behavioral disorders including ADD/ADHD, aggression, anxiety, and depression.

They also are more likely to toss and turn, sleep with their mouths open, have night terrors, wet the bed, be difficult to wake in the morning or fatigued during the day, have dark circles under their eyes, and even are more likely to end up with crooked and crowded teeth.

Much research has been done on the importance of quality sleep in children including a study including over 11,000 children which demonstrated all children with problematic sleep, including snoring, mouth breathing, restless sleep, or sleep apnea, had a 50% to 100% increase in behavioral disorders and a decrease in IQ compared to children who had healthy sleep.

But what is healthy sleep? Healthy sleep has breathing that is silent, effortless, breathing through the nose, with the tongue out of the airway, and the mouth closed.

When this happens, the body can relax and fully rest which leads to the fading away of symptoms including snoring, restless sleep, bed-wetting, night terrors, and behavioral disorders.

At Breathe Correct we evaluate children and adults for the underlying causes of breathing disorders during sleep. We evaluate the structures and the function of the areas surrounding the upper airway including the nose, mouth, teeth, and throat, and provide non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatments that can help improve the quality of sleep, promote healthy sleep and breathing, and even straighten teeth simultaneously, preventing the need for braces in the future.

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Dr. Jeremy Montrose, DMD

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